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Pinned topic Receieved the aleart "swEventTrapEvent4020" without bottleneckMon.

‏2012-07-12T13:34:00Z |
Hi all,
I've got one more additional question.
The message that is shown in the errshow log, also triggers an SNMP alert event.
The following is the message of the triggered SNMP alert.

swEventTrapEvent4020: EventID: 5870 Severity: 3 ^(1/critical 2/error 3/warning 4/informational 5/debug^) 2012/06/03-11:42:47 AN-1010 Severe latency bottleneck detected at slot 0 port 21.

I have indeed configured the SNMPv1 settings using the "snmpconfig --set snmpv1" command.
However I have NOT yet configured nor enabled the bottleneckMon command.
It says on the FOS Command Reference Guide(for 6.4.0) that,
"When bottleneck monitoring is enabled on a switch and -alert is specified,
the command triggers an SNMP and a RASlog alert
when the ports on the configured switch experience latency or congestion."

Is it normal to receive an alert about bottleneck latencies once you've configured the snmpv1 settings,
even though the bottleneckMon hasn't been yet enabled?

Any input would be appreciated.