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Pinned topic What is role of multiple WebContainer number or ID in logs?

‏2012-07-12T07:43:55Z |
Hi ,
I was looking into (old enterprise application) logs for WAS v6.0 application , where log4j is used for logging.

Where in every log statement I found "WebContainer" id. many are same.

What does it suppose to represent?

It may be application dependent(not sure), but it may be standard to print. Any guesses what it should be

If two or more log statement have same WebContainer id , does it mean that log are generated for same request/session?

Here is sample log-

2012-07-11 10:56:18,662 WebContainer : 418 WARN -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:18,662 WebContainer : 418 INFO -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:18,959 WebContainer : 411 INFO com.pqr.hhh.tre.ggg.Abc -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:19,287 WebContainer : 389 INFO com.pqr.erw.qwe.ggg.Abc -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:19,303 WebContainer : 389 WARN com.pqr.hhh.vvv.gtr.Abc -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:19,303 WebContainer : 389 INFO -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:19,459 WebContainer : 425 INFO com.pqr.hhh.yut.ggg.Abc -Message
2012-07-11 10:56:19,568 WebContainer : 418 WARN com.pqr.hhh.ddd.ggg.Abc -Message
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: What is role of multiple WebContainer number or ID in logs?

    Hello, This forum is for WASCE and Geronimo but not WAS.

    You might want to post WAS 6.0 question to WAS forum to get prompt feedback.