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Pinned topic filter manager difficulty

‏2012-07-11T19:29:40Z |
I'm having trouble finding the filter's I create in the filter manager. I create a filter by right clicking on an error in the Error View and right click selecting QuickFilter. The error is removed from the Error View but I can't find the new filter in the Filter Manager (View > Filter Manager). How can I view the filters I create?
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    Re: filter manager difficulty

    Hi EdSlatt,

    When you right-click and select "QuickFilter", a new filter group
    is created for you using the name of the executable. For example,
    if my executable is "stockvc6.exe", you'll see a new filter group
    under ALL FILTERS that contains all your QuickFilters. (See the
    attached image.) This is how it works in version If
    you are using an older version of Purify, you may want to check
    with IBM Tech Support to see if there may have been an issue with
    that older version.

    Best regards,
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    Re: filter manager difficulty

    Great Don Thanks.

    My problem was the exe that created the .pcy file was run from a drive that no longer exists. I created a dummy drive/path and the filters now work like you described.