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Pinned topic Problem restoring database from db2 9.7

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Good Afternoon.

I've un environment composed by a db2 9.7 in production and a db2 express-c 10 in development, i've to migrate a several database, from one machine to the other. To do this, i'll do the full backup/restore procedure, and the restore in the express-c works well. but when i try to access to the retored database in express-c, i can't see the tables/views, nicknames , giving me sql0443n error with cli :-805, using Squirrel SQL with jdbc type4 drivers. When i use IBM Data Studio, it works well.
There is something that i could do to squirrel sql work? Any specific driver taht i could use ?
Best regards

Ricardo Silva
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    Re: Problem restoring database from db2 9.7


    In Squirrel :
    - click on "Drivers" on the left hand side edge of the main window.
    - double click on "IBM DB2 Net Driver" in the list.
    - click on "Extra Class Path"
    - click on "Add" (on the right).
    - navigate to the file db2jcc4.jar (sqllib/java/db2jcc4.jar if you installed DB2 client).
    - In the "Class Name:" field, enter:
    - Click on "OK"
    - Click "Aliases" on the left hand side edge of the main window.
    - Click on the "+" button
    - Enter a name for your connection
    - Choose "IBM DB2 Net Driver"
    - Enter your URL. For example :
    - Enter your user name and password
    - Click on Test
    - Click on OK.

    Hope this helps.
    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli
    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli