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Pinned topic Cognos SDK 10.1.1 Automating Deployment

‏2012-07-11T15:48:27Z |
Hello all,

I am attempting to make a program using C# .NET and Cognos SDK (10.1.1) which creates an export job and runs it. I have found the following tech note which does work to export all the content store. However, I cannot make it export specific packages/reports/folders. I have looked at the SDK Developer Guide and it is stating that "deploymentOptions" is deprecated and will be removed. I have attempted entering the search path and the exact package name but the export created contained no objects. Does anyone have some sample code I can learn from to accomplish this goal?

I have not yet started working on automating the import yet but once I complete the export I shall continue with that.

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    Re: Cognos SDK 10.1.1 Automating Deployment


    Hi Malcolm,

    I'm trying to implement same thing.

    did you found a solution?