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Pinned topic JSF issues Migration to WAS 7

‏2012-07-10T23:00:19Z |
Hi, Issue we are having is that the title is always lagging the screen. This problem has started appearing since our application was migrated to WAS7, the page title is displayed in template, which is lagging behind.
In the java code, it is set by
getSessionScope().put("pageTitle", getApplyStockTemplateVC().getPageTitle());(this has the correct value, when I debug i can see the value getting populated)

and in the template, it tries to retrieve it by
<td><h:outputText id="txt_title"
value="#{sessionScope.pageTitle}" styleClass="pagetitle">

and in the jsp, it is as below
parent.document.getElementById("frameForm:pageTitle").innerHTML = '<%=session.getAttribute("pageTitle")%>';

This was working perfect in WAS 6.1, I cant figure why it is causing the lag, can you please help me with this issue?
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    Re: JSF issues Migration to WAS 7

    Can some one please help me on this issue? Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.