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Pinned topic RSA 8.04 / Ubuntu Linux - diagrams are resized automatically?

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Hello there,

I am working for IBM; and I like the fact that RSA 8 is pretty easy to install; I also think that its performance is much
better compared to earlier versions. But there is one thing that makes using RSA 8.04 a not so great experience:

I created several nice class diagram the other day, with many classes and vertical and horizontal relationships connecting them.
I have to admit - I am a perfectionist. I really spent some time arranging classes/relations so that the final result
would look ... well perfect.

Now I am starting up RSA again this morning, open my model, and RSA decided to do some "tuning" - it somehow re-arranged
my classes/relations. As a result, my PERFECT picture now looks like some amateurish haystack.

I am not sure what causes this; the status line says something about "autosized". Maybe RSA tries to zoom my diagram; I don't know.
What I do know is that I would like to suppress any such "improvements". I searched the options for "auto" ... nothing to be
found there?!

Besides that - is there a better place for IBM employees to raise such questions?

I tried one of the "rational" forums; but no luck there.
( )

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    Re: RSA 8.04 / Ubuntu Linux - diagrams are resized automatically?

    Hi Edwin,

    I am not a specialist for RSA but you can ping me via Sametime and I explain the different options of addressing problems.
    Hope that helps.

    Michael Grosze

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    Re: RSA 8.04 / Ubuntu Linux - diagrams are resized automatically?

    We've had a similar experience using RSA 8.0.4 on Fedora, and it's been a long-standing PITA for many of our developers over the past couple of years. In summary, if you start Eclipse/RSA with a different host computer (real or VM) horizontal screen resolution than that used by the original author of a diagram (we primarily use composite structure diagrams), then the diagrams look totally screwed up.

    For instance, if the diagram was originally drawn with Eclipse running on a 1920 pixel horizontal resolution, and you open it on a 1440 pixel horizontal resolution screen (same or different computer) - you get a mess due to everything being scaled differently, connector lines running all which ways, etc. In a VM, you can shut down Eclipse, change the horizontal resolution of the host to 1920 x N (may extend off the physical screen, so you have to go to windowed mode), restart Eclipse/RSA again, and then all the diagrams look fine. This is what our teams have to do whenever they try to display RSA diagrams on a projector in a conference room, since we don't have HD projectors and usually draw at 1920x1200 or 1920x1080.

    Worse, if a new developer is unaware of this problem, makes changes to a model and opens a diagram in the process, and recommits it using a host computer screen resolution different than that used originally to make nice looking composite structure diagrams, then the diagrams are permanently screwed up. Some of these diagrams take a REALLY long time to draw, particular for large component-based architectures.

    We've used RSA on Windows hosts vs. Fedora, and didn't see this problem. It appears to be unique to Linux, and I would presume the Eclipse 3.6.2 graphics framework foundation, but we're not sure. We're just now upgrading from RSA 8.0.4 to RSA 8.5, so we'll see if that does anything. I doubt it. An upgrade to a newer version of Eclipse would seem to have more promise, but unfortunately RSA has been stuck at the relatively ancient Helios 3.6.2 for what seems like forever.