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Pinned topic Merging several cfy files fails: error e290010

‏2012-07-10T11:48:38Z |
We have over 1000 cfy files that we have to merge to get an overall CC number. But it only works for up to 15 files alltogether. If this doesn't work PureCoverage is purely useless for us.

1) Machine: Windows7 64 bit. 4GB RAM, 4 CPUs, Virtual memory 4 GB
2) cfy files: about 45 MB each.
3) coverage /MergeData="MMFile.txt" /SaveMergeData="Merged.cfy", "/ActiveMerge=yes"

Tested aproaches:
0) Subdivide merge master file into several smaller once (only 5 files can be merged at once anyhow) > Works fine until the overall number of 15 files is reached.
1) /ActiveMerge=no > Same error
2) Extending the virtual memory size to 12GB > Same error
3) Selective instrumentation > Does not work for our scenario, because we want to get the overall code coverage percentage

This seems to be a memory leak (!) in PurifyPlus. What can we do to work around this?
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    Re: Merging several cfy files fails: error e290010

    Please report this issue to Technical Support. If you
    have access to PurifyPlus iFix 003, then you're
    apparently "current on maintenance and support". In
    the U.S. and Canada, you can call 1-800-IBM-SERV to open
    a Tech Support ticket (PMR). Please have your IBM
    Customer Number when you call.

    Best regards,
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    Re: Merging several cfy files fails: error e290010

    Hi I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T420

    and have problems Merging CFY files. It comes up with error e290010. Any idea as to why this is.

    Also where are the scripts that should be available with the PureCoverage release. If you could let me know where I can get this from that would be great.