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Pinned topic iSCSI Connectivity Issues - x3650 -> DS3512

‏2012-07-09T23:42:33Z |
HELP!! I’ve been having some major issues with MS iSCSi. Not sure if I should be posting this to the storage forum or the system x forum.

The environment:
1X DS3300
1X DS3512
A X3650 management server

The DS3512 is new. I’ve had the DS3500 for years now. I have a W2K8R2 SP1 on a X3650, which I want to use as a VCB proxy for my VM backups. I have massive issues with it whenever I connect to the DS512. I connect to the iSCSi target and shortly after, iSCSi hangs, or it has a status of “reconnecting”. At first I thought it was a MPIO issue, but I’ve simplified it by uninstalling the MPIO driver and setting up a single iSCSI connection. I have NO issues connecting to the DS3300 from this server. I also have no issues connecting and maintaining iSCSI connections from a VM running w2K8R2, or a physical machine (Dell) running W2K3 to the DS3512. So to me it seems like an issue local to the X3650. I’ve played around with NIC drivers with mixed results. The latest Broadcom NIC drivers from the Broadcom site made the server blue screen. I’ve also tried the latest updates with UpdateExpress with updates direct from the IBM web site. I’ve logged a job with IBM and the motherboard was replaced. I don’t have a spare server NIC to see if it’s purely the on-board NICs.

I have no idea where to go other than re-install the OS on this server, which I really don’t want to do.
Anyone have any suggestions?