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Pinned topic To determine how many projects refer a particular project in RSA.

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I am using RSA Version 8.0.4. I have 40 projects in my workspace. In this, there is a project called 'Router' . I would like to know , what are all the other projects (among the 40 projects) that refers(in other words, use the resources of the 'Router' project) to this 'Router' Project and its contents.

I manually did a search to find the references of the 'Router' project and its contents which yielded four projects.

Is there an option to find this in RSA?

Request your kind help.

Note : Router -> Properties -> Project References is not the option which I am looking for.
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    Re: To determine how many projects refer a particular project in RSA.

    I don't know if you ever found a good solution for this, but I usually use the "References" tab that shows up in the main window pane when you double click a model in RSA. For each model it will show a list of "Referenced Models" in the same or different projects, i.e., other models that the model has a dependency on, and it will also show a list of "Referencing Models" so you can find out about other EMX models (same or different projects) that reference it. It's a good way of tracking cross-model links and dependencies when you're in a composite modeling environment, especially one that spans multiple projects (which I've found to be pretty brittle) vs. the same project.