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Pinned topic Terrible slowness on Websphere Administrative console

‏2012-07-05T18:41:50Z |
i have some trouble with was7 ND (fixpack 11), the administrative console is very slow (all operations : list applications , servers , deployement, synchronise nodes it take a lot of time to synch nodes ).

there is 2 nodes under dmgr :
1 node contain 1 app server with 16 applications.
second node with 13 app server with 128 applications in all servers.

all stack in the same physical machine, there is no stress in physical machine all things looks OK : CPU, Memory, IOs (6 CPU, 24 Go) but the console is very slow and no errors on logs (nodes & dmgr).

i suspect the large number of applications deployed in this configuration, but not sure, there my questions :

1 - is there a limit of number applications by server or node?
2 - how i can find wich component is the problem (app server, nodes, dmgr)?
3 - wich possibility can i take to trace operations of administrative console?
thx in adavance for any help