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Pinned topic EEH Vs Record and Replay in WMB 8

‏2012-07-05T04:04:08Z |
How do you compare EEH and R&R? We're a new WMB customer and starting with WMB 8. However, we're not really sure if we should just go with out of the box R&R feature or implement a custom framework such as EEH.

Also, as I learned that most of the WMB customers write their own custom error handling and audting framework. Would EEH supportpac eliminate the need to write custom framework?

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    Re: EEH Vs Record and Replay in WMB 8

    Record and Replay is limited only to Message Broker whereas EEH can be extended to other products as well. EEH is intended to capture exceptions along with analysis happened in message flows and other processes in Enterprise whereas R&R is intended to capture logging information of business event within message broker like when Message came in to flow and when it goes out or when a particular node processed that event and its outcome but majorly for business user not for technical user like saving the snapshot of system logs.