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‏2012-07-04T22:50:55Z |

I am pretty new to business events,so I started with the application example given in ""

I imported the example into the design data and saved the project to server store.

The business space configuration was also done and I published through Runtime icon given in business space.

As they have mentioned I start the Connectors by clicking "Start > Programs > IBM WebSphere Business Events V7.0.1 > Connectors".When the console gets opened it gives the following error

"BEER0436E: An error occurred: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.axis2.saa
j.SOAPFactoryImpl incompatible with
BEER1852I: IBM WebSphere Business Events FFDC information has been written to C:
\Program Files\ibm\WBE701\director\bin\..\..\director\logs\wbe_1_12.07.04_17.26.

It also gives out an info that the Initialization is complete,so I proceeded with the testing.

,I am able to publish events from business space but unable to recieve the actions performed .I checked the server logs and it gave me the following error.

"7/4/12 15:09:20:765 IST 00000033 WBERESTServle I BEER6755I: WBE REST API received RestApiException with HTTP code 404: BEER6705E: The resource targeted by URI '/wbe/rest/r1/dirs/test/projects/InsuranceTutorial_Exercise1/locks/KE_BfNR8RIlkuguAjvJSCyv_2076823047' could not be resolved"
Please let me know ,where I could have gone wrong
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    Re: connector issue

    It looks that the project publication failed. Does your WAS SystemOt.log tell you the server is successfully started?