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Pinned topic Coaches in external J2EE application (BPM)

‏2012-07-04T15:50:32Z |
I need help to expose coaches in external J2EE application.

I know that there is a REST API call http://hostname:port/teamworks/process.lsw?zWorkflowState=1&zTaskId=someTaskId to access Coach. I am able to open the Coach for the task using iframe in my J2EE application. First it opens the login page and after manually logging in, forwards to the coach.

Now, the questions are:
1- How can I add authentication to the call so that it can only be accessed by J2EE application? For now, the same can be open by pasting the URL in address bar.
2- Is there any other way to open the coach without iframe like retrieve the output using JAVA code and write it to response etc.

are there other ways to acomplish this?