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Pinned topic error 34,304 returned when trying to compile datastage job containing trans

‏2012-07-04T06:00:16Z |
I am running information server 8.0.1 on windows xp and I have .net framework 4 installed and vc++2008 express installed and win2003 sdk installed and all environment variables "LIB, PATH,INCLUDE,BIN" are configured.

when I try to compile a datastage job containing transformer I got his error message

Output from transformer compilation follows:

##I IIS-DSEE-TFCN-00001 09:07:30(000) <main_program>
IBM WebSphere DataStage Enterprise Edition
Copyright (c) 2001, 2005-2007 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved

##I IIS-DSEE-TOSH-00002 09:07:31(000) <main_program> orchgeneral: loaded
##I IIS-DSEE-TOSH-00002 09:07:31(001) <main_program> orchsort: loaded
##I IIS-DSEE-TOSH-00002 09:07:31(002) <main_program> orchstats: loaded
##W IIS-DSEE-TOSH-00049 09:07:31(005) <main_program> Parameter specified but not used in flow: DSPXWorkingDir
##E IIS-DSEE-TBLD-00076 09:07:33(000) <main_program> Error when checking composite operator: Subprocess command failed with exit status 34,304.
##E IIS-DSEE-TFSR-00019 09:07:33(001) <main_program> Could not check all operators because of previous error(s)
##W IIS-DSEE-TFTM-00012 09:07:33(002) <transform> Error when checking composite operator: The number of reject datasets "0" is less than the number of input datasets "1".
##I IIS-DSEE-TBLD-00079 09:07:33(003) <transform> Error when checking composite operator: cxx -O -IC:/IBM/InformationServer/Server/PXEngine/include -W/TP -W/EHa -DAPT_USE_ANSI_IOSTREAMS -c C:/IBM/InformationServer/Server/Projects/test/RT_BP1.O/V0S2_testJob_Transformer_2.C -o C:/IBM/InformationServer/Server/Projects/test/RT_BP1.O/V0S2_testJob_Transformer_2.tmp.o.
##I IIS-DSEE-TBLD-00000 09:07:33(004) <main_program> Error when checking composite operator: Output from subprocess: [1] + Done(134) ?
2528 Abort cl

##E IIS-DSEE-TCOS-00029 09:07:33(005) <main_program> Creation of a step finished with status = FAILED. (testJob.Transformer_2)
I appreciate your help
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    Re: error 34,304 returned when trying to compile datastage job containing trans

    Just a thought, but according to, Information Server 8.0.1 did not support VC++2008 - only 2003 and 2005.