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Pinned topic NDMP Backup TAPE Error

‏2012-07-03T08:41:54Z |
(I'm newbie for TSM)
I backuped the IBM N7900 with NDMP and got an error while I use this command in dsmc "backup nas -mode=full -nasnodename=nasnodeb {/vol/vol0}"

NAS Base Backup Function Invoked.

Process initiated on TSM server.

Start date/time: 07/03/2012 14:39:54
Administrative UserId : XXX
Operation: Remote Full Backup
Operation: Remote Full Restore
Operation: Remote Differential Backup
Source: /vol/vol0
Bytes in operation : 4.89 GB

ANS1114I Waiting for mount of offline media
ANS1228E Sending of object '/vol/vol0' failed
ANS1329S Server out of data storage space

Total number of objects backed up: 0
Total number of objects failed: 1

but I have 10 medias (LTO-5) in libv with status scratch
I don't understand why got an error about out of data storage.

thx for your help