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Pinned topic Modify the MANIFEST.MF inside the EAR file generated by serviceDeploy.bat?

‏2012-07-02T14:16:02Z |
Hi Guys

I am using WID 7's serviceDeploy.bat to generate the EAR file from Maven. How can I inject some build information into the MANIFEST.MF file inside the EAR file? I want something like this:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Archiver-Version: Plexus Archiver
Created-By: Apache Maven
Build-Jdk: 1.6.0
Implementation-Title: CdiWebServicesEar
Implementation-Vendor-Id: com.nbfg.cdi
Built-By: NBFG
Implementation-Version: 2.3.4-20120622.195932-29

But the default is as follows:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.5.0 (IBM Corporation)
I notice this command during the run: exec The CDIPubSubMgmtMedApp project is being created. and I believe it's using a default MANIFEST.MF, so how can I inject additional information here?

INFO Running with /c call C:/IBM/WID7_WTE/runtimes/bi_v7/profiles/qesb/bin/serviceDeploy.bat C:\Sandbox\MDM\CDIPubSubM
gmtMed\..\build\target\CDIPubSubMgmtMed/ -workingDirectory C:\Sandbox\MDM\CDIPubSubMgm
tMed\..\build\target\CDIPubSubMgmtMed/servicedeploy -outputApplication C:\Sandbox\MDM\CDIPubSubMgmtMed\..\build\target\C
DIPubSubMgmtMed/CDIPubSubMgmtMed-2.3.4-SNAPSHOT.ear -keep true -ignoreErrors false
exec The workbench is starting in C:\Sandbox\MDM\build\target\CDIPubSubMgmtMed\servicedeploy\138442eb9e5.
exec The workspace is initializing.
exec was successfully imported into the workspace.
exec The CDIPubSubMgmtMedApp project is being created.
exec The CDIPubSubMgmtMedWeb project is being created.
exec The CDIPubSubMgmtMed project is building.
exec CDIPubSubMgmtMed is being validated.
exec The following 2 warning messages were reported during deployment:
exec Severity: warning
exec Description: CWSCA8095W: Unable to find class
, please make sure the classpath is properly set up.
exec Resource: ClientInfoEventPublishImport.import
exec Location:
exec Severity: warning
exec Description: CWZMU0044E: The fail terminal of the manageIndividualEvent : CDIServicePartner callout r
esponse primitive is not connected.
exec Resource: CDIPubSubMgmtMed.medflow
exec Location:
exec The C:\Sandbox\MDM\CDIPubSubMgmtMed\..\build\target\CDIPubSubMgmtMed\CDIPubSubMgmtMed-2.3.4-SNAPSHOT.ear app
lication is being exported.
exec Deployment has completed.
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    Re: Modify the MANIFEST.MF inside the EAR file generated by serviceDeploy.bat?

    if you are using the was6-maven-plugin with the service-deploy goal then you need to enhance the plugin yourself or ask the was6-maven-plugin guys to do it for you (ask for an enhancement).

    In fact the implementation would be:
    after the ear was packaged with the servicedeploy tool, then unpack the ear, edit the manifest file, package it again to a ear.

    was6-maven-plugin is open source, so feel free to download the source code, as we did, for other enhancements.