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Pinned topic Mainframe to AIX migration. Compiler question ?

‏2012-07-01T14:17:07Z |
Hi people,

by mistake I put this question in AIX forum but I think that this AIX for developers is the proper forum.

I'm working in a mainframe to AIX migration; mi expertise belongs to the mainframe field. Our future new software environment includes

AIX 6.1
COBOL for AIX 4.1
Oracle 11 ( with PROCOBOL as a SQL precompiler )
TX Series 7.1

Mainframe compiler procedure has normally this steps

1. SQL Precompiler
2. CICS Tranlator
3. COBOL Compiler
4. Linkage Editor
5. Bind Package

Could someone tell me how to create a similar script to compile a COBOL 4.1 online program with TX Series and Oracle-SQL statements.

Thanks in advance