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Pinned topic xforms on WinCe

‏2012-06-29T12:44:10Z |
I want to use xforms on WinCE, can anybody tell me what are all the software requirements to start building xforms on WinCe, any sample example would be good.

Thanks in advance

Julian B
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    Re: xforms on WinCe

    I have never heard that there is an XForms implementation for WinCE but you could look at ODK (http://opendatakit.org/) which is written in Java for smartphones, even if only a subset of XForms Specifications is supported.

    Technically, it could also be possible to generate source file(s) to be compiled for each form. This is the approach for XSLTForms (http://www.agencexml.com/xsltforms) from HTML+XForms to HTML+Javascript.