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‏2012-06-29T09:57:51Z |
How to display the last page number when the bottom link is clicked in the HTML view in cognos. When we click on bottom it's displaying '?' Instead of last page number. Please suggest me how to over come this.
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    Re: HTML Page Number Issue

    Below Answer is getting from 'Abhishek' who is the writer of Cognos Cook Book.
    It's a feature of Cognos that when you click on Bottom link, it doesn't run the whole report. Instead it only pulls data required for last page. This gives improved performance. But then it can't compute how many pages are there in the report and hence shows ?

    There is no direct solution for this. In some cases, you can write a calculation to calculate the page number. For example, report shows one line per customer and 20 lines per page, then divide total customer count by 20. But this is not fool proof.

    You will be better off telling that it is a design limitation in html output, and when users run report in PDF for printing, all the page numbers will be shown fine.