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‏2012-06-29T09:35:50Z |
In the Collaboration Area there is by default an Options then Drop.
What does that do?
I would have thought it was meant to trigger the dropEntry operation and abandon any changes in the CA and remove the item from the CA.
It does not do that. What needs to happen to make it do that?
We are using the new look and feel and using Java for all our PIM code.
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  • KaranBal
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    Re: Drop in a Collaboration Area

    The Drop button is not specific to the collaboration area but rather to the workflow step. Here are 2 scenarios:
    1. If there are 3 items in the workflow step and you open all three in multi edit screen; then dropping one item will mean you have dropped that item from the selection. The multi-edit screen will display 2 items. The third item will still be present in the step, but not the screen.
    2. If you open an item in the single edit screen and drop it, then the screen will close and the changes will not be saved(unless you specifically save them before dropping). You can think of it as 1 item in multi edit being dropped and so there aren't any more items left on the screen.

    Hope that helps.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Drop in a Collaboration Area

    To remove the item from the CA:
    1) If you are an admin of the CA you can move item to the Fixit step and then press Remove button
    2) Or implement a step of the workflow with, for example, DropEntry exit value pointing to Failure step of the workflow