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Pinned topic [help] about TM1 ODBCOUTPUT

‏2012-06-29T05:39:30Z |
below is my source
sql_stmnt = ODBCOUTPUT( vDataSource, 'insert into test values (88,''20120304'');');

about sql_stmnt can you tell me the detail of it?
how can i get it's value?
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    Re: [help] about TM1 ODBCOUTPUT

    What are you trying to do here? Your question is not in detail.

    ODBCOutPut() is used to execute a SQL statement against the ODBC connection you are working on. It will not return you any value but it will pass the values from TM1 to the ODBC/Database.
    Hope that answers what you were looking for...
    Rizwan Kaif