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Pinned topic Is Infosphere IS right tool for analyzing existing Legacy System?

‏2012-06-28T14:17:32Z |

I am new to this forum and posting a very basic question...

We are analyzing a very large existing Mainframe system with approx 50 DB2 Databases, 13000 Jobs, 8000 COBOL programs, 4000 CICS Pgms + Stored Procedures. Additionally, we have other MF utilities (like SORT, Eztreive, ICEMAN etc) inside JCLs. We want to completely understand existing system in terms of end-to-end data flows from one process to another, one app to another app etc. We are not designing any DW or target system at this moment, but just want to come up with data lineage diagrams at attribute level for this existing system.

1) Is Infosphere right tool for this purpose? We are aware that Infosphere provides Data Lineage for Datastage jobs built inside its metadata while designing a new target system. But we want such report for existing processes and believe that Infosphere cannot provide that.

2) If we create a CRUD matrix with IBM Rational Asset Analyzer, can that RAA metadata repository be fed into Infosphere in some form to provide some useful reports or data lineage diagrams?

Please help and guide.