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‏2012-06-28T11:41:52Z |
Hello everybody,

I work for IBM. Me and my customers want to use RFE for our requirements and now have the problem, that many customers can't change their display name which makes it harder to communicate properly.
I found a prevoius thread on this which had not been answered either 4552855&#14552855

The FAQs state that a change is possible
and when I hit the Update button I get as well the message that the display name has been taken. But nothing changes, all posts still appear under my old ID and when I log back on to my profile it's the old display name again.

Can you help?

Thank you, Isabel
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    Re: Display name still can't be changed

    Hello Isabel,

    Display names must be unique; even display names for de-activated accounts may not be reused. If you are trying to change your display name to one that has already been taken, your display name will not be changed.

    If you are still not having success, send me an email with your and your customers' existing display names and their desired ones and I will try to have them changed, or find out if there is some other problem. You can find my information in bluepages.

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team