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Pinned topic Problem with Methodelements

‏2012-06-28T08:53:43Z |
Hi everyone,

we have a problem during methodelement (roles, work products, tasks, guidances) creation.

For example: We create 5 new work products as a copy of an existing work product, after we edit those 5 copies individually. But a change in html tags in one of those copies also appears in every other copy. There seems to be a synchronization between the copies, but it only depends on the html tags. Name, short description and so on is not affected, those keep individual.

The original method environment was implemented by RMC and now we use version in order to update this environment.

Does anybody have any ideas in order to resolve this problem?

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  • BruceMacIsaac
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    Re: Problem with Methodelements

    ‏2012-08-06T23:22:55Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    I don't understand what you mean by:
    "a change in html tags in one of those copies also appears in every other copy".
    Please be specific - what is the change, what attribute did you make it in, what did you observe that you think is wrong. Screenshots can help.
    Also consider contacting IBM support.