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Pinned topic WSRR v8 No BasicProfile?

‏2012-06-28T01:44:07Z |

I just installed WSRR v8 and I can't find BasicProfile. (I can find GEP)

How/where do you get BasicProfile??
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  • chris.jenkins
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    Re: WSRR v8 No BasicProfile?

    That's correct. The Basic profile is not shipped with WSRR 8.0. Do you have a use case which requires use of the Basic profile?
  • johnduffell
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    Re: WSRR v8 No BasicProfile?

    Hi, thanks for your question. Actually the basic profile has been removed in v8 in favour of shipping only one profile, the GEP. If you would like to simplify the GEP you can use WSRR Studio to alter it.

    Please reply if you have any questions, John