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‏2012-06-27T10:34:06Z |
Hallo everyone,

I created the instance db2inst2 (instance owner is db2inst2):

sudo ./db2icrt -u db2fenc2 db2inst2

After this, I want to create a database. I am assuming, before creating a database, I dont need any configurations on the instance?

A question:
In the folder from instance owner db2inst1 (installation wizard created automatically this user), I have 2 folders:
1. db2inst2
2. sqllib

But in the folder from instance owner db2inst2 (I created with the above command), there is only one folder:
1. sqllib

Is it because in the instance db2inst2 still no database created?

Thank you..

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    Re: instance configuration

    Hello Ratna,

    It's correct : the CREATE DATABASE without specifying the PATH/DBPATH keywords will create the subdirectory db2inst2 (for all the databases created in the instance db2inst2).

    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli