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‏2012-06-26T19:33:45Z |
Hello, does anyone know exactly how to obtain those parameters?
I found two fields under <server name>\Properties\HealthState & <server name>\Properties\CommunicationState.
Are those the actual fields I should be looking at? And what does the number mean (I assume it indicates
the server & communication states, in an descending order).
Thanks a lot, HaimL76.
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    Re: Server state &#38; communication state

    I am assuming you are looking for the property/attribute values as they relate to a Server resource instance. An explanation for all property/attribute values for IBM Systems Director resources can be found in the Data Model section of the IBM Systems Director SDK. Find the 'Server' resource type, then scroll down and examine the attributes. Click on 'Communication State' to see the possible values explained.

    You should see the following enum values:

    0. Unknown
    1. Not Available
    2. Communication OK
    3. Lost Communication
    4. No Contact
    5. Communication Untrusted