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Pinned topic Caused by: Async IO operation failed

‏2012-06-26T07:18:56Z |
Dear ,
If webservice call taking more than 1 min getting the below error and 500 error page is displayed. Please advice.

Caused by: Async IO operation failed (1), reason: RC: 32 Broken pipe
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  • mburati
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    Re: Caused by: Async IO operation failed

    I double checked with another WEF Web Svc expert and that does not look like a timeout error from the WS stack itself (we would expect such a timeout to be wrapped in a SOAP Fault).

    Instead, it looks like a network timeout error, somewhere else in the network chain of that request.

    Is this for a request through an IBM HTTP Server proxy (IHS) or directly to portal?

    If through IHS, then I found a similar error and explanation (about IHS timeout config) in a web search of the error that you received
    that says you can receive such errors, if a request takes longer than the default configured IHS timeout of 60 seconds, so if you are using IHS as a proxy, you may want to check what its timeout is set to.

    Obviously, anything you can do to improve the performance of the web services could also help (many users won't wait that long for a browser page to return and may start trying to manually refresh the browser page and/or open a new browser assuming existing one is hung etc).

    I hope this info helps,
  • DGawron
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    Re: Caused by: Async IO operation failed

    It looks like there is an issue with the service end-point or some network intermediary. A normal web service call timeout would have a stack trace such as this:

    Exception Error in method sdGetMembers_InputPage_NextAction. Error in method sdGetMembers_ShowResults. Error in method getMembersExecute. Error in method wsc1.invoke. Error in method wsc1.invokeInternal. Async operation timed out
    Stack Trace Async operation timed out
    at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.ExceptionFactory.createWebServiceException(
    Caused by: Async operation timed out
    Caused by: operation timed out, Timeout, rc=0)

    You should verify that the end-point is working correctly. 500-level errors generally indicate the server is having a problem.
  • ChetanG
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    Re: Caused by: Async IO operation failed


    This may be due to resource constraints on the server not allowing processes to work normally. Will suggest to validate CPU and other resources on your system if they are capping up.