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Pinned topic Datastage 7.0 unable to connect to UniData 7.2.12 (just upgraded)

‏2012-06-25T14:13:40Z |
We just upgraded UniData from 7.1.2 to UniData 7.2.12 over the weekend and now we are having trouble connecting to UniData with Datastage. We are running Datastage 7.0 and now receiving the following error message in the Datastage stages that are failing:

TimePerson2000..HRPER.HrperOut: ds_udtSetup() Unable to connect to database - UniData Server TimePerson2000.HRPER.collive: call to UniOpen returned 301 - Cannot access database definition file


TimePerson2000..GetPerson: |TimePerson2000..PERSON.PersonOut: DSD.UDTOpen GCI $DS.UDTOpen error 24.|

I made sure to add the sever and database to uniapi_admin setup in UniData on our Unix server but the errors above remain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We must be missing some setup or licensing of some sort.