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‏2012-06-25T12:49:36Z |

We are trying to implement the below task in our datapower servers.

1)There are 3 datapower servers and there is a service in domain-A, per box, with FSH as one ethernetinterface ip and port as 678
2)In the datapower servers we want to call the service(as a backend to another service), such a way that, always it should call the service from the same box. In case the service is down(example is disabling the service), it should call the service in the other two servers, loadbalanced; again should check if the service is up or not, in the other servers.
Could anyone give some idea on how to implement this.

Tried configuring a LBG, with the ethernetinterface as members, then gave the lbg name in the backend url. However I do not think LBG is able to find if the service is in up status or not. Also it is not exaclty a loadbalanced logic. The service in the same box should be called always, except if the service is down, it should be loadbalanced among the other two servers.
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