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Pinned topic Workbench Issue with RSA v8.0.4.1

‏2012-06-25T12:16:47Z | mdm-migration
When using RSA v8.0.4.1 - with MDM v10 workspace, there seems to be a null pointer error when using code generation. On both occasions, I have recommended that the customer re-install RSA v8.0.4 - this seems to resolve the issue.

Anyone else seem this issue and can recommend a less time consuming resolution?
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    Re: Workbench Issue with RSA v8.0.4.1

    Hi Ian,

    I think I know what has caused the problem now .. it showed up in testing for the next release. If I am right, then there is no workaround, but it is a simple fix. If you can raise a PMR, it should be possible to get a fix out for v10.

    Thanks, Catherine.