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I was wondering if it is possible in IBM FileNet Content Manager v5.1 to set a property of a document to automatically get the value of a particular property of the folder that the document is filed into (maybe through some sort of reference)?

For example, let's assume I have a document with a Customer No property. In the repository there are several Customer folders, each having a Customer No property as well.

I would like the Customer No property of the document to get the value of the Customer No property of the containing folder.

If the above scenario is possible, in the case the document is filed into more than one Customer folder, the Customer No of which Customer will be saved in the Customer No property of the document? Is it possible to store all Customer No values of the folders the document is filed into?

Many thanks in advance.
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    Re: Document Properties

    There is no out-of-the-box feature for inherited property values in the CE server, though of course applications might implement something like that.

    You could accomplish that with an event handler subscribed to the File event.

    Of course, however you do this, you will have to decide what to do if the document is filed into multiple folders. There is probably no provision for this in the functional design, but your code would have to do something.