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Pinned topic Async request-response - Turn off correlation

‏2012-06-22T01:47:23Z |

I've a question asked by a customer.

Can the correlation be turned off for a JMS import? The ESB implements a WSDL operation that is request-response on a JMS endpoint. So to my understanding the JMS import will always pick up a response message based using a correlation id. Can it pick up any message and process with out bothering about the correlation id?

The customer don't want to tie the request and response with in the ESB but implement the same WSDL. One of the reason they don't want to tie is because then the correlation Id need to be round tripped and may trigger changes in the connected systems. Is there a way to turn off?

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    Re: Async request-response - Turn off correlation

    If you don't need to correlate a response to a particular request, you could create a one-way async import that outputs from one mediation flow and a totally independent mediation flow that has an export that picks up from the response queue?