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Greetings - I recently found myself hired by a company that was in need of someone to organize and archive massive amounts of data. After arriving, I found that I was the first person hired for this role here, and that they have no infrastructure for it yet. No database. No database software. They have no money to purchase database software. They have no people to devote to writing code of any sort, and I have no programming knowledge.

What I need to do is take this data, which I have learned to convert to XML format, and make it so everyone in the office can access it, view it, and do searches with multiple parameters within it. Simply too, the people who will need to access this data have little computer knowledge.

How can I make this happen? I get the impression from my reading there are no simple XML viewers I could load up to everyone's machine and have it provide my XML data to them. That was my under-developed dream at first. I'm starting to realize that this is not how databases work. I need some sort of database management system that provides the base, then populate it with XML data, correct? Then how can I get them access to it? I have read about web-clients, but I have no knowledge of HTML, or any idea if they can be utilized toward my ends. What about MsAccess? All the computers have that, can I make this work with access somehow?

My capabilities are limited. I have no computer science background, I do not know HTML, or coding of any sort. I have forced myself to read several large texts on XML, and have a theoretical understanding of how it works, or at least as much as someone can have without ever using it or seeing it in action. I have attempted to use it, or write really simple XML, but I have no inkling of how to begin applying this knowledge to a database that is yet to exist.

I have managed to consolidate the data into a few different XML files, all for separate purposes, all with different elements. I did this by making spreadsheets in Excel and converting them to XML.

I know my situation is comically absurd, and probably ill-fated. But due to the oversight of the people that hired me, who had NO IDEA what they needed, my life now hinges upon being able to provide them with this service without telling them that they hired the wrong guy. ANY direction is appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Re: New to XML, trouble integrating it into widespread use in workplace


    Did you think to eXist XML data base, this is open source and it can meet your requirements, you
    can use it online with command or use Java/... applications too.
    EditiX XML Editor