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Pinned topic usage of cdc products -urgent!

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I want to use change data capture for infosphere datastage 8.1 with oracle as a source database and ms-sql server as the target database and vice-versa is applicable.could you please help me which ibm change data capture product will be fruitful for the above operation.
i have attached a set of products please let me know which product is highly suitable for windows platform.
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    Re: usage of cdc products -urgent!

    In the scenario you describe, you would need to have the CDC for Oracle Agent running on the Oracle source (or remote log reading can be setup) and CDC for DataStage would need to be running on the DataStage Server. If you also need to capture changes from SQL Server you would also need the CDC for SQL Server running on the SQL Server box to capture changes and send them to DataStage.

    In this scenario, if DataStage is going to be the only target, IBM offers a package called Change Data Delivery for DataStage that includes unlimited sources and is licensed based on the size of the DataStage server. With this license though, DataStage can be the only target from CDC, but obviously can deliver data to both Oracle and SQL Server.

    If you need any further information please feel free to email me at

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