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‏2012-06-19T21:58:35Z |
Hallo everyone,

I have some basic questions, I could not find the commands for it:
1. With what command can I check which privileges I have regarding a database?
2. I would like to create a view in a schema, let`s say in schema "db2inst1". But I know that all of other users can also access this schema. How can I make sure, that the view I create, can only be seen by me?

Thank you for your helps.

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    Re: create schema

    Hello Ratna,

    The authorisations are stored in the catalog. For examples the list of roles is stored in SYSCAT.ROLES, the users granted roles in SYSCAT.ROLEAUTH, database authorities in SYSCAT.DBAUTH, tables privileges in SYSCAT.TABAUTH etc etc.

    By default, these catalog views are readable by PUBLIC, but you may revoke this.

    Hope this helps.
    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli