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Pinned topic Live webcast on Temporal Data Management in DB2 10: June 21, 12:30pm ET

‏2012-06-19T21:12:33Z |
If you want get an introduction to Temporal Data Management with DB2, attend this webcast and register here:
Title: Temporal data management with IBM DB2 Time Travel Query
This Tech Talk explains the new bitemporal data management capabilities in DB2 10. These capabilities include temporal tables, temporal queries and updates, temporal constraints, and other functionality to manage data as of current, past, or future points in time. These features help to improve data consistency and quality across the enterprise and provide a cost-effective means to address auditing and compliance issues. As a result, organizations can reduce their risk of noncompliance and achieve greater business accuracy.

The presentation will discuss:
· How to create and manage temporal tables in DB2 10
· How insert, update, delete, and query data for different points in the past, present, or future
· How to use DB2 as a time machine

Although this webcast is about DB2 LUW, almost all of the content also applies to DB2 10 for z/OS.

This webcast is conducted on June 21, 2012, at 12:30 PM US Eastern Time.