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Pinned topic Unable to create process server in Integration Designer 7.5

‏2012-06-19T12:47:15Z |
Hi All,

I am working on the integration designer 7.5 available in SOA sand box.Developed a Hello World process.However,I am not able to create a Process Server to deploy and test my process.Under Servers tab, I right click > New > select IBM Process Server > Next.It asked to specify WebSphere Application Server Runtime environment.I browsed to the location
C:\IBM\IntegrationDesigner\v7.5\runtimes\bi_v75_stub > Next.It asked to specify a Profile Name.Drop down list was blank.Clicked "Configure Profile".I do not see any profiles in WebSphere Application Server pop up window.

Any suggestions on how can I create a local Process server? Am I missing any steps?

Thanks in advance.