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Pinned topic [FileNet]: CMIS- Getting folder permissions for current user

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We are using CMIS to create an application to get folders and upload documents to FileNet. I am trying to get the permissions for each folder. I need to know if the user has the “File in Folder” permission.
To get folder permissions I am using the URL:

I am getting the response XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<cmis:allowableActions xmlns:app="" xmlns:atom="" xmlns:cmisra="" xmlns:cmis="" xmlns:p8ext="" xmlns:cmism="">

I am always getting the key:<cmis:canCreateDocument> as true. Actually the users permissions for “File in Folder” does not affect the xml at all. Even if I deny the "File in Folder" permission for the user, I am getting <cmis:canCreateDocument> as true.

In the response for the URL: http://bascanfilenet:9080/fncmis/resources/P8ConfigObjectStore/Type/cmis:folder?includePropertyDefinitions=true I am getting the cmis:controllableACL as false. I don’t know how this key affects me, I just thought of mentioning it, in case its useful.

How can I get the user permissions for a folder?

I am attaching my test Application along with this query.

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    Re: [FileNet]: CMIS- Getting folder permissions for current user

    This is a (recently discovered) issue that we have fixed in internal builds but the fix will not be public until we issue another release which is not yet scheduled. Currently canCreateDocument and canCreateFolder are returning the values for AccessRight.CREATE_INSTANCE instead of .LINK and .CREATECHILD respectively.

    There is no known workaround for this so, if this is blocking you and you are running this in production you should open a PMR so that we can issue a test fix.