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Pinned topic Unloading LOB data from MySQL

‏2012-06-18T19:48:31Z |
I am starting a new thread on this since I had marked the other question answered.

I have downloaded the 2119 build of the tool and regenerated all input. I updated the first since TEXT was still mapped to VARCHAR. It was changed to MYSQL.TEXT=CLOB(64K).

I ran the unload and it appears to still be creating only one file. Is the LOB file supposed to be somewhere other than the data directory? If so, what would it be named?

I ran the load using the unloaded data and it appears to still be putting all CLOB data inline in the unload data file. This causes these errors to be displayed:

SQL3115W The field value beginning "" <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W" in row
"28" and column "4" is longer than the longest allowable table column. The
value was truncated.
From this output, it appears that nothing has changed in the way LOB columns are handled.

Are there other settings I need to change?