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Pinned topic Report with per virtual host core counts

‏2012-06-18T12:46:56Z |
My area has a need to subtotal the total PVU licenses on a per virtual guest basis. However, ILMT will only produce reports for CORE/PVU totals on a physical node level and will not allow me to drill down lower than that.

I have researched this via IBM PMR and have been told there is no provided solution for this.

I have also looked at the table documentation IBM provides at:

I cannot find any mention of a per host core metric for virtual hosts. I am sure it is there somehow as you can display this data on a per agent basis via the ILMT console. However, there is not way I can tell to get this information out of the tool on a bulk basis.

Thank you!
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    Re: Report with per virtual host core counts

    Hello Brad,

    According to PVU Virtualiation Capacity Counting Rules, PVUs are calculated on the node level. This is the reason why ILMT does not provide PVUs license values on the virtual guest level.

    For more information regarding the PVU calculation, please refer to Virtualization Capacity Counting Rules document on IBM Passport Advantage site

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