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‏2012-06-18T05:06:58Z |
I am getting an error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: in classloader default/E-GasSeva_Eclipse_Web_E-GasSeva_Eclipse_Web1.war/1.0/car when deploying my war application in Eclipse helios and WASCE.
I have added the db2jcc.jar, db2jcc_license_cu.jar and and libraries in my war application.

Please help me around as i am searching for the solution from a long time.
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    Re: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: in classloader

    I don't know which DB2 version do you need. WASCE have supported DB2 8.2,9.1,9.5. In most cases you don't need to carry any DB2 driver by yourselves.

    If you will try the DB2 driver which the server provides. I suggest you create a datasource by admin console.Please refer the link(
    If you confirm the server couldn't support your DB2 connection, you can install your driver first, and then create the datasource.