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Pinned topic [Answered] Worklight Developer Edition - question about embedded server

‏2012-06-17T09:07:16Z |
I downloaded and developed my first (Hello World) application with Worklight Developer Edition.
I have a couple of questions about the embedded server ...

  • I understood from previous discussion that WLP would be delivered by default. From what I observed it looks like Jetty is used instead. Is this correct ?
  • From what I understood, the console deployed in Worklight Console app is per-project dependent (a WAR file generated by Eclipse as part of the build) - Is this correct ?
  • Is there anyway to create a shared WL Server for a team (other than downloading / buying Worklight Consumer/Enterprise Edition) ?

Thanks for your lights

IBM Luxembourg
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    Re: Worklight Developer Edition - question about embedded server

    Hello Sébastien,

    1. Yes, Jetty is built-in into the Developer Edition. When you pay for the product you can deploy it on Tomcat, WAS and Liberty.
    2. Yes, the Worklight Console and the generated .war is per-Worklight-project. You can see the server files in your eclipse workspace -> WorklightServerHome -> project name.
    3. Here's something that's probably close enough: You can install a copy of Worklight Developer Edition in a computer designated as 'the server' by convention, give everyone that computer's IP address, have everyone visit the console (/console), look for "Deploy application or adapter: Choose File No file chosen <Submit>", have people go into their eclipse workspace -> Worklight project name -> bin folder -> tell them to upload .wlapp or .adapter files (even if they created them in differente environments, computers or Worklight projects) and finally make sure all the WL apps point to 'the server' (edit application-descriptor.xml, look for <worklightServerRootURL> and that's it! But that's for 'Hybrid Apps' there are some docs for 'Shell Apps' that are more geared towards a team based approach here: (look for the "Team Work" section). You can also find in the previous link a document detailing 'Team Development using RTC'.

    I hope the helps,
    Carlos Andreu