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Pinned topic Eclipse Marketplace install for the Application Migration Tool - WebSphere

‏2012-06-15T18:58:26Z |
The WebSphere Version to Version tool is now available for install using Eclipse Marketplace. This significantly simplifies the install for Eclipse!!

Use the .zip file installation method for the Competitive Application Migration Tools and for installation on Rational Application Developer.

There are three ways to install the tool:
  1. Drag an icon to your Eclipse 3.7.2 or later workbench
  2. Eclipse Marketplace install
  3. .zip file install

Drag an Icon Install (using Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developer 3.7.2)

Drag this icon to the title bar or menu bar on your Eclipse workbench. Install will start automatically!

If you don't already have Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, you can get it from the Eclipse site.

Eclipse Marketplace Install
  1. Start your Eclipse workbench.
  2. Click Help > Check for Updates to install the latest updates.
  3. Click Help > Eclipse Marketplace.
  4. In the Find field, type WebSphere.
  5. In the list of results, locate IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit 3.5.0 and then click Install.

.zip File Install

All of the tools are still available at our developerWorks site.

For more information on the Migration Toolkit on Eclipse Marketplace, open IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit 3.5.0.