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Pinned topic Require a check box in collaboration Area

‏2012-06-15T04:59:30Z |
With respect to "IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server v10.0.0" Is it possible to display check box in the GUI of the Collaboration Area in specific workfow step where the items are displayed with their details in rows. I am talking of the *new view*(and not the classic/old view where one can already find check box.)

However form the Home page settings("Home=> My Settings => Configure the Home Page = Worklist Summary Page") A new look of the collaboration area can be configured where the items appear in bulk mode with checkboxes.

In this new interface if one check one item and click on the "Open" button It returns blank page. The page seems to work not properly. Can anybody helps?
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    Re: Require a check box in collaboration Area

    There is no official checkbox but selecting the item and then clicking on "Open Item" works the same way. The items will be displayed in rows and you can open which one you want.
    As for the blank page, please refer to APAR JR41314. In some releases opening an item whose primary key is of type sequence can cause a blank screen. This has been fixed in all newer releases.