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‏2012-06-15T04:57:10Z |

I am using MDM 9.0.2. I need to modify the behaviour of one of the get txns. I would like to know where to find the,

1) Inherent queries that is shipped as part of the MDM product which is used to insert,update,get,delete records and from which part of the code it is called (or) Is it encapsulated within the Entity bean and updated through the parameters that is passed as part of the bean?

2) Also how the MDM DB is updated when any of MDM txns are triggered. I find that it is not so straightforward and need some guidance to understand the whole procedure from when the txns are called and it is added into the DB

If anyone can explain or point me towards some materials or docs, I would really appreciate. Thanks.
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    Re: MDM DB Interaction

    I am working in MDM 8.5 version. In this version, I am seeing all queries which interacts with DB are in * . Hope this may help you.