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Pinned topic Chargeback related queries

‏2012-06-15T01:55:48Z |
Hi everyone,

This is regarding WVE's chargeback feature.

Does this 'chargeback' ability find its usage only in cloud type environments, where the applications can be offered as a service.
Or can this feature also be used in conventional non-cloud environments.
Maybe, for internal analysis to find the ROI based on the application usage and the revenue being generated.

I am trying to figure out how 'chargeback collection' will be useful in non-cloud environments.

Also, it would be very helpful, if you could point out any online resource which could be a good reading material to understand the various factors that play a role in implementing 'resource usage' based chargeback in WVE.
How do we go about implementing it.

Thanks & Regards,
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    Re: Chargeback related queries

    Yes, this applies equally to non-server virtualized environments.


    Hope this helps,