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Pinned topic Product Domain - Admin_Product_Id in both PartyProductRole&ProductEquiv

‏2012-06-14T16:12:30Z | mdm-migration
Hello All,

I would like to understand what's the reason for having the Product_Id, Cont_Id, Admin_Product_Id and Admin_Client_Id the ProductPartyRole table. If this table is used to establish the product to party relationship wouldn't it be sufficient to store the PRODUCT_EQUIV_ID( primary key of the ProductEquiv table ( thereby indirectly linking the PRODUCT_ID) ) and the CONT_EQUIV_ID ( Primary key of the ContEquiv table (thereby indirectly linking the CONT_ID) ? Are Admin_Product_Id and Admin_Client_Id added just to facilitate search?

Also why is Admin_Sys_Tp_Cd required in the ProductPartyRole table? what does it signify?

thanks & regards
  • Sadagopan_Krishnamachari
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    Re: Product Domain - Admin_Product_Id in both PartyProductRole&ProductEquiv

    I believe this provides the flexibility when the customer does not have one of the domains. So it could be possible that party domain has been used by the customer and hence there is no need of the Product model of MDM.