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Pinned topic WAAPIClient: Unauthorized?

‏2012-06-14T15:51:20Z |
i'm encountering an error whenever i try to runwaapi.

WAAPIClient: Request sent to server on http://localhost:8080/ibm/webtop/...
Thu Jun 14 09:14:34 CDT 2012
WAAPIClient: 0 method returned errors during execution:entity.addEntity: HTTP server returned unexpected status: Unauthorized
WAAPIClient: 0 method was fully executed.

i've never seen this status before, any ideas what may be the problem? i'm running as root.
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    Re: WAAPIClient: Unauthorized?

    Hi. It may be that root does not have the ncw_admin role. If this is not the reason, enable debug in the Webtop server, tail the Webtop log file, and re-execute the WAAPI command to see if there are error messages in the log file.